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Advanced, outsourced programmatic excellence for your ads.

We don’t mind admitting, but when it comes selling ads programmatically, we’re actually rather good at it. In fact, we’d suggest we’re experts.

AD:VANCE™ is a programmatic monetisation offering from SimplyMedia™ available to publishers who want the best in market platforms and solutions, backed up by people who know what they’re doing, all without incurring the time, effort and cost of doing it in-house.

Our solutions range from secondary programmatic support and full programmatic solutions to advanced, high impact creative executions.

AD:VANCE™ One – Secondary Programmatic Support

So you’re monetising your site and doing some programmatic yourself, or maybe just using a single solution like adsense. That’s great, but you may well be missing out on opportunities, either by not having enough competition for your ads (to push up the price), or by not using the latest technologies and approaches. AD:VANCE™ One works in union with your existing approach to bring additional demand, tech and execution strategies to your monetisation efforts, helping you sell more of your ads at a higher price. We work on a fix rev share model with no minimum term or commitment, and we can have you live in as little as 24 hours

AD:VANCE™ Complete – Full Programmatic Solutions

“London & Partners are pleased to be working with SimplyMedia to monetise Visit London digital assets. We began our relationship with them in September 2017, and through their great application and detailed industry knowledge, they have successfully grown our digital ad revenues, introduced new and market leading technology to our advertising process and have exceeded our expectations for service and support. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with the team at Simply Media.”
Head of Ecommerce and Digital Business Development at London & Partners

What better way to tell you about our full programmatic solution than with a quote from one of our happy customers. AD:VANCE™ Complete is a full-service programmatic offering, delivering best in class technology, execution, analysis, optimisation and (most importantly) monetisation to those looking for a one-stop shop outsourcing solution. Our crack team of operational and commercial specialists utilise the AD:VANCE™ Complete platform to maximise the value your site can generate from the programmatic advertising marketplace, and as our happy customer quote suggests, we’re really rather good at doing it.

We use data and customer analytics to best understand the dynamics of your site opportunities and tune our proprietary ad stack and execution processes to constantly and consistently deliver the best ROI. We’re always abreast of the latest developments in market to ensure all of our partners are benefitting from the most up to date advancements in programmatic technology.

AD:VANCE™ X – Impactful Creative Executions

‘Non standard’ ad formats can no be successfully delivered through a programmatic platform. AD:VANCE™ X brings together the latest and greatest solutions and allows our partners to trial, understand and where relevant utilise the industries best ad formats. From wallpapers and skins, through advanced, interact mobile executions to native, video and interactive desktop and mobile web formats, we have the access, we have the technology, we have to execution strategies, ensuring that our partners can be up and running with the new, high value ad formats quickly and with the minimum of tech support and effort.