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People love to win things! It’s a positive experience and if it’s easy to enter and the rewards are worth the effort, people will do it again and again. SimplyMedia™ has built a unique, proprietary competitions platform specifically to meet the needs of this audience, delivering fun, easy to use sites giving away £1,000’s in prizes every month.

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Our sites offer the chance to win great prizes, from £10 to £10,000 without any costs to those entering. Many of our members come back every day to maximise their chances of winning and we have a really positive community engagement across social media channels, reinforcing our brand loyalty.

Our members have recently given us a 5* rating on Trustpilot and frequently give us positive reviews on Facebook and via email.

These fun sites with a great community and positive engagement offer a unique and valuable opportunity to brands to access our audience and promote their products by sponsoring a prize. Putting a prize on our sites is free, which makes it a great way to raise brand/product awareness for minimal cost.

We work with a number of leading PR companies as well as brands directly so it would be great to add you or your clients into the mix, and as the Men’s Society told us, “iWon is turning out to be our biggest source of new potential customers. Very happy indeed, thank you.”

  • Our audience across all platforms is 75% female aged 35-64
  • Top 5 affinity segments – entertainment, shopping, food & drink, news, hobbies
  • Top 5 in market segments – travel, home & garden, beauty, technology, financial services
  • On average we currently see 40m impressions per month, 100k unique users, 24 pages per session, 7 mins average session time and 0.2% average click-through rate with a 60/40 desktop/mobile traffic split

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As well as offering low-cost prize sponsorship (as the inclusion is free, it just costs you the cost of the prize!), we offer additional solutions to enhance your exposure and extend your engagement opportunities. These include:

  • Explicit consent data access – in return for an additional offer (discount voucher, join my newsletter etc) users can give explicit consent to have tier name and email passed onto a 3rd party
  • Homepage sponsorship (per day) – ownership of all ad positions on the homepage for 1 day
  • Section sponsorship (per week) – ownership of all ad positions on the section homepage for 1 week
  • Prize sponsorship (duration) – ownership of all ad positions on the prize page for the duration of the prize
  • Winners list and ‘my account’ page sponsorship (day of prize winner announcement) – ownership of all ad positions on the winners list and ‘my account page’ (the 2 locations users go to see if they’ve won) on the day your prize winner is announced

Prices for these range for £50 to £1,000, so please contact georgina@simply.media for price options on this, or if you’d like to speak to us about including a prize on our sites

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