Many companies over the past 18 months have used The iWon Platform to drive new customer opportunities by providing prizes for our competition platform.

From Posh Popcorn to family trips to Alton Towers to letterbox wine, it’s fair to say that all involved are really happy with the outcomes these prize offerings can deliver.

We’ve had plenty of feedback from our users who enter the comps to say how they like being introduced to new products, with Glynis tell us recently “Just wanted to express my thanks for your wonderful competitions; sure, I’ve never actually won anything, but I have been introduced to many companies along the way, visited their websites and ended up buying stuff – stuff which I never knew existed! Keep up the good work!”

And feedback from over 100 brands that we’ve worked with it just as good, with Men’s Society recently telling us This is turning out to be our biggest source of potential customers. Very happy indeed!

If you want to find out more about how we might be able to help promote your products and generate customer opportunities, message Georgina at georgina@simply.media

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